Pinterest Fails Nailed It!

Pinterest Fails Nailed It!



We have all seen some of the greatest creations on pinterest for parties.. I’m sure a few of you have even tried to make some of them…  Hopefully you did a little better than some of the below….  We would love to see you cooking attempts if they haven’t lived up to expectations ;)



Come see how to make amazing caramel popcorn here



rainbow cake fail

Rainbow cakes are great for rainbow themed parties, but only if they appear at least somewhat edible. We suggest checking out these links to find out the right way to make your rainbow cakes and cupcakes.

Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cupcakes


pizza party


If you are a lover of pizza then you need to taste these amazing Pizza Nachos



crayon art fail

Guess no one told this person that hot glue looks much better than duct tape when you’re making crayon art.

Crayon art

sheep cupcake fail

There was definitely something wrong with the sheep in this cupcake fail. We would have suggested using a frosting pen to decorate the cupcake. It might even look like something you’d want to eat if you used it!

Frosting pen  ( THESE ARE GREAT!!! )

20140724_004835000_iOS failed croissants

Breakfast is meant to be the most important meal of the day, but who wants to eat these failed foods? We’ve got some easy ways to make cute breakfast foods, without the fails.

Tattoo toast
Owl egg

cake pop fail

Cake pops are supposed to be cute, but these just look a bit creepy. We’ve got the solution for dodgy cake pop fails, so you can impress without creating a mess!

Cake pop
Push up cake pop

candy cake fail

Before tackling a Pinterest project like this cake, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you actually have enough ingredients to finish it.


yarn egg fail

These string Easter eggs are just a bit of a mess. Don’t get yourself tied up in knots; just stick with traditional egg decorating techniques.

Easter egg decorating tips





This little mermaid cake didn’t turn out the best it could of! See some of our cooking supplies here.



sexy photo fail

We don’t really have any help for this fail. We’d just advise leaving the fancy photography to the professionals. However, you can tackle your own Pinterest projects with some of the great products at Party Supplies Now. Happy Pinning!



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