Pick The Perfect Gift For Everyone You Know


If you’re still looking for last minute gifts for everyone you know, look no further.
We’ve got something great for everyone, from that hard‐to‐please relative to the coworker
you barely know. Here are a few of our top gifts for everyone you know!

Your crazy mate who’s addicted to Sci‐fi

We all have one of those friends who watches just a little too much ‘Star Trek’. They
attend conventions in costume and don’t understand why you don’t share their
obsession. These guys will go mad for our Captain Ketchup dispenser. It’s shaped like a
ray gun and makes everything taste better.

Your mum or girlfriend

Every woman deserves to be pampered, and there’s no better way to do that than to
soak in a bath filled with relaxing scented gel. With Gelicity jelly bath, they can get a
real spa experience right at home. This gift will definitely impress, and shows that you
care enough give a really unique gift!

Your work friends

Buying gifts for people you work with can be tricky. Make it easier with this fun paper
cup lamp. It’s quirky and definitely a conversation starter, and it’s great for those work
mates you really don’t know all that much about.


The barbecue King

Know someone who really loves to rock the barbecue? This awesome little gadget will
help them make the perfect kebab in seconds. The Kebabecue makes any barbecue
chef look like a professional, and it’s a great way to guarantee you’ll be invited over for
a tasty kebab!

The wine aficionado

For wine drinkers, maintaining the ideal temperature of the wine is a big deal.
Guarantee the perfect temperature of every bottle with the Wine Corksicle. Chill it and
place it inside your bottle of wine for a perfectly chilled bottle every time.

The chocolate lover

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This chocolate fountain will satisfy any sweet tooth, and
it’s perfect for anyone who just can’t resist tasty chocolate! Dip fruit, biscuits or
anything you like in the melted chocolate for a decadent treat any time. It’s also great
for parties, so if you know someone who loves chocolate and parties, it’s the perfect



The health nut

If you know someone who is into healthy living, this Aqua Zinger water bottle is a great
choice. It infuses plain water with fruit for a healthy, delicious alternative to sodas or
expensive bottled waters. They’ll appreciate the money that they’ll save by not buying
flavoured water, and you’ll enjoy knowing that you gave them an amazing gift.

The kids

Keep the little people in your life entertained with the Flying Nemo toy. They’ll love
flying the giant fish around the room using the remote control. It will keep them busy
for hours and give the adults a little break from the Christmas chaos.


The hard‐to‐please teenager

Teens are notoriously difficult to please, but this Storm Light is sure to impress. The
plasma lamp flickers and glows wherever you touch it, setting off a storm inside the
lamp that is simply mesmerizing. This is the perfect gift for teens who want to add
some drama to their bedroom décor, and may even elicit a smile, if you’re lucky.

Your gal pals

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for a female friend, this adorable Margarita candle is
sure to put a smile on her face. It looks like a tasty, colourful cocktail, but it is actually a
candle. It’s great for lighting up on a special occasion or just adding a touch of fun to
their home décor.


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