How to set up food for various parties

How to set up food for various parties


Do you realize that they very way you set the food paves the way to a fun and memorable event? Here are some cute ideas on how you can serve or use your menu as designs for the event itself.

Chocolate fountain on a dessert table

Who doesn’t melt if given a chance of indulging to unlimited supply of chocolate? This is the effect that a chocolate fountain gives when it is set up. Guests become more excited if the chocolate fountain is surrounded with marshmallows, fruits that go well with melted chocolates such as strawberries, apples and bananas, and even ice creams or sundaes.

Fruit platters

Fruit platters are good table designs because they add colours on the table and are very easy to prepare. Fruit platters are not only amazing to look at, these are also very healthy, that is why vegetarian parties and/or parties hosted by people who are health conscious normally have fruit platters present on the buffet table.

Punch bowls or wine fountain
Bachelor’s or bachelorette’s parties, 21st birthday parties, 18th birthdays (for young women) university parties and semi-formal corporate events can make use of punch bowls or wine fountains. This is a good way to serve unlimited drinks or wine.

Cupcake on stands

Cupcakes, muffins or mini cakes are now a must have for kids’ parties. This can better be served on the buffet table using cupcake stands. It will not only looks really cute, it also somehow saves space, especially if the table is quite small to accommodate a number of dishes all at the same time.

Bread basket

It is a very good way to serve breads such a croissants, ciabatta, chapatti and all other types of soft breads by putting them in a nice basket, and surrounding it will be a selection of cheese and jams so the guests will have the option to choose their preference. Bread baskets are thus more beneficial if served during breakfast or during night parties or gatherings.

Crackers and/or veggies and dip

Crackers and/or veggies with dip can be set up on a separate small table or if you want, you can put this on every table.

A selection of veggies such as carrots, cucumber, celeries, beans and asparagus plus guacamole, red pepper dip, curry dip or horseradish and garlic sour cream are the best veggie tray/dips that can be served as it gives a variety of colour and leaves an unforgettable taste. Meanwhile for crackers and dip, a selection of parmesan, pesto or feta cheese with small slices of fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits and grapes make a good combination with any crackers.

Make your own s’mores bar

“S’more” seemed to be the contracted version of “some more” which is normally a selection of various crackers, marshmallows, chocolates, cheeses, jams and anything that can be put together to make a desired snack or dessert. This allows the guests to use their creativity, imagination and taste buds when making their own appetizers.
Indeed, there are limitless ideas when it comes to food preparation and serving. It doesn’t require special degree and it should not be considered rocket science to set up the food in an artistic and appetizing way. What is important is your keenness and innovativeness to try and make fun of your menu in a positive way.

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