How to make yummy french toast roll ups

How to make yummy french toast roll ups


How to make yummy French toast roll-ups

• White sandwich bread (8 slices)
• Nutella, diced strawberries or softened cheese
• Couple of eggs
• Milk (Three tablespoons)
• Granulated sugar (1/3 cup)
• Ground cinnamon (One heaping teaspoon)
• Butter

Directions for Preparation
1. First of all take the bread and with the help of a knife one by one remove the crust. Now flatten them out with the help of a rolling pin.
2. Apply one to two teaspoons of the filling on the bread in a form of strip (one inch from any end of the bread). Now tightly roll up the bread and continue this same procedure with other slices of bread.
3. Take a deep bowl and mix milk and eggs properly.
4. Take another bowl and mix cinnamon and sugar together.
5. Now take a skillet and heat it at medium temperature and melt the butter (one tablespoon) in it.
6. One by one dip the bread rolls in an egg mixture until they are properly coated. Now take a pan and place these rolls over it in such a way that the seam stays below. Cook them on all sides for couple of minutes each till they become golden brown in color. Now add butter to pan as desired.
Once cooked, roll them properly over cinnamon sugar till they are completely covered in it. Your French Toast Roll-ups is ready now and can be served immediately.


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