How to make edible play dough for the kids

How to make edible play dough for the kids


How to make edible play dough for the kids!

Here’s how to make it

Using a medium size pot mix together:

One cup of white flour
One quarter cup of salt
Two tbls of cream of tarter

Then mix and add the following:

One cup of water
Two teaspoons of food colouring ( Vegetable food colouring )
One tablespoon oil

Next steps:

1) Cook over a medium heat for approx 4 minutes. ( The appearance won’t look the best and you may think something is wrong but this is normal and it will come ok.
2) When you notice that it has turned into a ball in the center of your
po begin to knead it on a floured service. (You will not need to much flour)
3) If you would like to store your play dough you can do so in an airtight container or a sealed plastic bag.


So yes this is ” edible ” play dough but technically we wouldn’t recommend actually eating it as it won’t taste very nice at all, but it’s great for the younger ones to play with in case some of the play dough ends up in someones mouth…

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