How to make a rainbow layer cake

How to make a rainbow layer cake


Rainbow Layer Cake

Ingredients for Cake
• Vanilla cake mix (Couple of boxes)
• Water (Couple of cups)
• Eggs (Six)
• Food graded colors

Directions for Preparation
1. First of all heat the oven at 175C. Now take three round cake pans (8 inch) and spray them with cooking spray.
2. Take a bigger bowl and beat the eggs, cake mix, oil & water with the help of an electric mixer for 30 seconds at lower speed and then increase the speed to medium and beat for next couple of minutes (scrape the bowl occasionally). Now take 6 bowls and divide the batter uniformly over each one of them (1 1/3 cups each).
3. Now one by one tint all of the 6 batters in the bowls separately with food colors- red, green, yellow, blue, purple (red + blue) and orange (blue + red).
4. Take any 3 colored batters and place them in the refrigerator. Pour the remaining 3 colored batters in the cake pans.
5. Bake for next 18 to 20 minutes till the cake starts pulling away from the side of pan and springs back when touched gently at its center. Allow it to cool down for 10 minutes. Now remove them from the pans and place them over cooking racks to completely cool down.
6. Wash the cake pans. Now bake & cool the remaining 3 layers of cake like instructed.
7. Take a bigger bowl and beat butter & shortening with the help of an electric mixer at a medium speed till it turns light yellow in color. Now at low speed, beat the powdered sugar, then beat vanilla followed by adding milk gradually (one tablespoon at a time). Beat the mixture till the whole frosting becomes smooth and then beat at a high speed till it becomes fluffy & light.
Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe
• Butter (One cup)
• Philly cream cheese (One packet or 16 oz)
• Powdered sugar (Six cups)
• Vanilla extract (Couple of teaspoons)

Directions for Preparation
1. Mix cheese cream & butter together with the help of an electric mixer for 3 minutes at lower speed till it becomes smooth enough. However, while doing so, make sure to scrape down the bottom & sides to mix the whole thing properly.
2. Now add some vanilla extract into it, and then mix it properly. Gradually add some powdered sugar and keep on adding till you witness desired thickness & taste.
3. You can either spread it on with a spatula, blunt knife or a spoon in a piping bag for decorating the cupcake or cake.
It’s now time to assemble the cake
Trim the tops of the cakes and make them smooth. Now on a serving plate, carefully place the purple colored cake. Spread the frosting over it and repeat the same process with green, orange, blue, red and yellow cake layers. Now spread the layer of frosting over the top & sides of the cake. Your Rainbow Layer Cake is ready to be served now!

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