How to hire celebrity performers for corporate events

How to hire celebrity performers for corporate events


Hiring celebrity performers for corporate events

Do you want to leave a good impression with the company’s sponsors and supporters? Do you want to make sure that all guests will feel elated with the way the corporate party was organized?

These are the very obvious questions being asked when planning and organizing for a corporate event. And of course, the answer would be yes to both. And the follow-up question would be how? How would you leave a good impression to the sponsors, shareholders and supporters of the company who are present to the corporate party? How would you make sure that the guests are kept entertained all throughout this corporate event?

One of the proven ways of ensuring that a corporate party will leave a lasting impression to both the guests and the shareholders or sponsors is by having great entertainers or performers, such as celebrity performers. In as much as celebrity performers love performing for corporate events because they know they will be well compensated, it is quite challenging to get one at that.

Below are some tips on how to book great celebrity performers for the corporate event you are hosting:

  1. Deal directly with the handlers

Ask around and if possible get referrals. This may be useful in getting the right contact details of the celebrity you want to hire for the event, however, make sure that you will only disclose details of the event directly to the artist’s handler, road manager or manager per se. You can get instant response with them if the artist or celebrity is available on the time and date of the corporate event and they can tell the exact figures necessary for their contract.

  1. Make sure to have plan A,B and C

Let say you have pinpointed the celebrity you want to perform for this corporate event, however you are not sure yet whether or not he/she will be available on the day of the event. Hence having one or two more alternatives will be a very good idea so that you will be ready if ever the first choice cannot accommodate you and/or the event.

  1. Be clear with the details of the contract

Don’t beat around the bush. Tell exactly what you want from the celebrity performer – How many hours would he/she perform? How many songs would you want? Do you have any particular song request? If it is an out-of-town corporate event, details of food and accommodation, if provided, will also need to be stated in the contract. And of course, the amount that you are paying the celebrity should be clearly stated and signed accordingly as well.

  1. Make sure there’s no conflict of interest

Make sure that the celebrity you are hiring is not an endorser or brand ambassador of a competing company, product or service. This is a very big no-no especially with consumer products whose ads are always present on TVs, magazines and radios.

  1. Stick with the budget

You may be a fan of a certain celebrity. You may be thinking that this artist is a brilliant company event performer hence you would like him/her to perform in this corporate party. Whatever your reason is, as an organizer you should make sure that you are working on your budget. You can save some money from the allocated budget but never go beyond it.

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