How To Host An Epic Game of Thrones Party

How To Host An Epic Game of Thrones Party


If you love the television series ‘Game of Thrones’, or if you are a superfan of the books by George R.R. Martin, what better way to show it than throwing your own GoT party? After all, Winter Is Coming. Here’s some great tips and products that will make your Game of Thrones party truly epic!


candles, throne, rattan ball lights

To get the look of the series, you need to go rustic, rugged and sexy. Lots of candles, faux fur and, well, thrones, if you have them. If you don’t have $30,000 to spend on an actual replica of the Iron Throne from the show, you can just use regular chairs, or try your hand at re-creating one using foam swords and garden furniture. Just be prepared for lots of teasing if your throne doesn’t look extremely dangerous and manly.

The excellent thing about using Rattan ball style string lights is the fact that they almost look like dragon’s eggs, matching the theme of the show perfectly!


roast meats, cakes, feast gameofthrones food2

Food served at your party should carry on the rustic, medieval feel. Serve breads, cheeses and fruits like figs and grapes on metallic serving trays or wooden serving boards. Roast meats are excellent, and should be eaten with your hands for authenticity.

Make up some savoury meat pies in My Little Pie Maker, and serve them as appetizers or in addition to your main course. Of course, whatever food you serve needs to feel as though it could be eaten by kings or members of the Night’s Watch.

You could make up some Scotch eggs to resemble dragon’s eggs, and if you want something sweet, how about making up cake pops to look like little severed heads? Gruesome, yes, but tasty!

Use the Castle Cake Mold to create your favourite castle from the series. Get creative, and don’t spare the decorations! Winterfell is fairly easy to do, especially if you bake the cake in a dark colour and use lots of powdered sugar in place of frosting. Add some mini flags and Lego horses for extra detail.


game of thrones themed drinks gameofthronescocktails

You don’t have to serve mead and ale at your party, though there are certainly recipes on the internet for them. Red wine is a must, and strong beer. Serve in wine glasses or goblets for an authentic look, and get creative with your cocktails!

Whip up several dramatic looking cocktails and serve them in empty wine bottles or glass pitchers labeled with suitable names. We like ‘Dragon’s Blood’ for anything red, and ‘Corpse Reviver’ for anything that is likely to make you feel like a complete zombie the next day.

If your guests love whiskey, scotch or other spirits, serve them from the Crystal Skull Decanter and use the matching skull shot glass for gruesome effect. Or, remind them that ‘Winter is Coming’, and serve your cocktails in frozen ice shot glasses.

Finally, if you plan on watching the television program during your party, why not play this fun Game of Thrones inspired drinking game? It’s the perfect way to finish off any leftover drink and put a fun end to your night!

game of thrones drinking game

Take a look at all of our other fantastic products for even more inspiration, and have a party that’s truly unforgettable!

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