Having fun with bubble machines

Having fun with bubble machines


Bubble machines are a great way to add some fun to any event…. Here’s how:

Childrens birthday parties:

Kids love playing with bubbles. So get them some pools to play on to then turn on the bubble machine just beside their pools, and presto, you can instantly find them laughing, playing, running around and jumping all for the fun of it.

Children’s christenings:

Another kids’ event is Christening or baptism. For some, having their kid Christened or baptized would require a big party and for such a party, bubble machines can be used to distract kids and let them have some amusement.

Corporate events:

Bubble machines can provide cool and wonderful stage effects. Each time a speaker will be called welcome his presence on stage with a bubble machine. Walking and/or modelling on stage, with bubbles coming from the bubble machine will create a very good photo and video output.

Bubble machines for weddings:

Whilst everyone is entering the event and walking down the aisle, a bubble machine will definitely give a beautiful effect and it goes nicely with showering of flowers which is commonly done during weddings.
school activities and events :
From time to time, teachers can have the kids play with the bubble machine so as to give them something to look forward to in school. But aside from that, bubble machines can also be used at special school events such as moving up or graduation ceremonies, during stage plays or to any contests or awarding ceremony.

Bubble machines are a lot of fun. They are easy to use and not only are they enjoyed by children but they are useful at many events also held by adults.

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