Go Ahead and Party Like A Rock Star!

rock star courtesy morguefile.comNobody parties like a rock star. Loads of booze, beautiful people hanging around you
and lots of attitude are all it takes to pull off the swagger of a rocker. Fancy partying
like a rock star at your next event? You don’t need a rocker’s wallet to host an
unforgettable bash; just follow our advice and you’ll be partying hard in no time.

Rock stars always have copious amounts of alcohol at their parties, and it’s usually the
expensive stuff. If your budget is less ‘Bollinger’ and more beer in a bottle, don’t worry.
It’s not what you drink; it’s the way that you drink it that counts!
Proper rock stars should drink from awesome drink receptacles. In other words, you
need a glass with loads of bling, baby! Flashy mugs and cups are a must if you want
people to know you mean business, so check out the flashing beer mug, flashing wine
glass, flashing pilsner glass and flashing margarita glass. They rock the right amount of
bling without going too over the top, but of course, rock stars don’t care all that much
about looking too over the top.
You could always just throw some flashing LED ice cubes into a regular, non‐rock star
glass. Instant cool for any drink! Or, bust out the bling with some diamond‐shaped ice
cubes. After all, for a rock star, diamonds in your drink are no big deal, right?
Want to look like a real bad boy at your event? Pour the tipple of your choice into the
skull decanter and show the world you are truly bad to the ‘bone’. Pair it with the
matching skull shot glass for a great effect! Remember to glare sullenly over the rim of
the glass, perfecting your rock pout to drive your fans wild.
Red carpets and bright lights are pretty much a way of life for rockers, so if you’re
hosting the party spring for both. Disco lights and lots of loud music will set the scene
for a rocking good time, and to make every guest feel like a star post your own
bouncer‘ at the door to greet VIP’s and keep out the common folk. Swagger on up to
your guests and offer them a drink or nibble as they enter to show your generous
rocker hospitality. Your guests will appreciate it, and you’ll get to show off your mad
bar tending skills, too.
While most rock stars hang out in smoky clubs and pubs, you can skip the potential
lung damage and use a smoke machine for a hazy effect. Lasers look AMAZING
through a layer of fake smoke, so check out the Laser Stars Projector for a really
awesome light display.

Don’t forget the music! It wouldn’t be a rocking party without some great tunes, so grab your iPod and a speaker and let the music play! You don’t need a DJ, just a great playlist and decent sound system.
Beautiful People
You may party like a rock star, but don’t leave the guest list up to chance. You may not
have as many ‘fans’ willing to drop everything for a last minute party, so give guests
plenty of advance notice. Dress code? Whatever you like, as long as it’s awesome.
Suggest guests dress like their favourite rock star or even as your very own groupies.
You could even make up tshirts with your face on them for your die‐hard fans to wear
to the event.
As for yourself, no respectable rock star is ever seen without dark sunglasses, day or
night. And don’t forget your hairstylea real rocker isn’t afraid to sport a Mohawk to a
great party. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit to the real thing, but simply wear
the Rockstar Mohawk Wig instead!
Add some jewelry for bling and some fake tattoos, or real ones, for extra rock’n’roll
appeal. Leather clothing is always in fashion for a rocker, but feel free to use fake
leather if you like. No one has to know!
Party All Night Long
Rock stars don’t wimp out and climb into bed at 10:00pm like ordinary peoplethey
party all night long. How do they do it? They’ve got lots of tricks up their tattooed
sleeves. Food is definitely key to surviving the night without getting too drunk to party.
Eat a meal before the party so the food will help block the absorption of alcohol
throughout the night. Snack throughout the evening, too.
To avoid a very uncool hangover, alternate drinking a glass of water with a glass of
booze. This keeps you hydrated and slows your alcohol intake enough to keep you in
control of your rock star senses. Drink your water from a really awesome glass and no
one will suspect it’s not champagne!
If you’re partying at home, you’ll have no worries about where you’ll crash after all the
fun. If you’re at a different venue, make sure to book a cab, have a sober driver or stay
at a nearby hotel to avoid dying in a fiery car crash like some real rock stars have! Oh,
and don’t trash the hotel room, unless you can afford to pay for it.
Swag Bags
This is an optional extra that makes you look totally cool in your guests’ eyes. Who
doesn’t love free stuff? Buy some gold‐coloured gift bags and fill them with ‘expensive’
trinkets such as champagne flavoured candies and toy wrist watches. Toy jewelry and
chocolates also make great swag and make you look like an awesome host! Consider
printing up tickets with the date and time of the event for your guests to keep as a
memento. You can also take photos and make a print for every guest to help them remember the
awesome event!
However you like to party, remember that being a rock star is all in your attitude. Keep
things fun and you’ll be a huge rock star success at any event, and people will never
forget your legendary parties!
For more great party tips and ideas, check out some of our other posts on how to host
parties that are simply unforgettable!

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