Fun Things To Do With Water Balloons

Fun Things To Do With Water Balloons

water balloons various colours

Water balloons aren’t just for keeping the kids entertained on a hot day. There are lots of fun things to do with water balloons that you may not have thought of. Here are just a few…

Make Water Balloon Art

Fill water balloons with paint and either drop them on a piece of canvas or stand a canvas up against a wall and throw the paint-filled balloons against the canvas to burst them. Be sure to either protect your wall or use washable paint and rinse the wall off immediately after painting.

water balloons filled with paint, painted canvas

Make Icy Marble Eggs

These are great for decorating outdoors in the winter or when it snows.

steps to make icy marble eggs

Use Them To Keep Your Drinks Chilled

Fill several dozen water balloons and freeze them overnight. Place a bottle of drink in a bucket and surround it with the frozen balloons. It will stay chilled for ages, and when the balloons melt, you can give them to the kids for a quick water balloon fight.

frozen water balloons as drink chillers

Have a Glow In The Dark Water Balloon Fight

Remember when we told you that you could make glow water? Well, you can take it a little further with glow in the dark water balloons!

Fill water balloons with tonic water (it must contain quinine to glow). Set up an area to have your battle, and place a black light high enough to keep it from getting wet, but close enough to make the balloons glow. Watch the amazing results as you chase your mates around and smash them with glowing water!

water balloons and glowing tonic water

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