Fancy A Bite? Only In Australia!

cooked alligator wrapped in bacon with chicken stuffed in its mouth

Down Under, we’re known to try anything once, twice if it doesn’t bite back. When we came across this fantastic foodie photo from Twitter, we felt inspired to blog about some of our own favourite edible concoctions. Try these at your next party, or have a go at the alligator, if you’re really hungry!

Bacon Bowl Breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, maybe dessert, too)

bacon bowl and bacon

It’s a scientific fact that everyone loves bacon. Or they would, if they ever tried this ingenious way of cooking it.

Start with rashers of bacon and a bacon bowl maker. Cook up the bacon, per the instruction on the bacon bowl maker box, and fill it with whatever you fancy. Our favourites are scrambled eggs with jalapeno peppers, chopped tomatoes and bit of sharp cheddar.

If you’re really adventurous, you could try filling them with spicy prawns and a bit of lettuce. The possibilities are endless, and tasty.

Perfect Australian Burgers Stuffed With Goodness

stuffed burger and burger press

Thanks to the Perfect Burger Maker, there’s no excuse for boring burgers. The nifty plastic gadget makes tasty stuffed burgers in minutes, so you can have a gourmet burger every time. For a true Australia burger, try using minced kangaroo meat and filling the burger with a smoky cheese and tomato chutney.

Sweet and Savoury Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes and cupcake secret

If your sweet tooth longs for something with a little kick to it, try making cupcakes that are a little different. Using the Cupcake Secret cupcake maker, whip up a batch of chocolate bacon cupcakes. Just use your favourite chocolate cake recipe and fill the centre of the cupcake with chopped cooked bacon, then top with frosting. For an extra special touch, dip the bacon in melted dark chocolate before filling your cupcakes.

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