Dress up themes

Dress up themes


Who says only children can have fun at parties with dress up themes? Teens and adults can also get a lot of fun when dressing up. Some example of events with which hosts may request the guest to follow a certain theme for their attire are:

Community Christmas parties

Some favourite themes for community Christmas parties are cowboys & cowgirls, Hawaiian, mexican fiesta attire, even dream profession attire.

Corporate events

There are some corporate or company parties where all guests and participants will be asked to dress up following a certain theme. The theme will be dependent to what kind of product the company is launching or whatever kind of milestone the company is celebrating.


Dress up themed wedding is also becoming really common these days. aside from the members of the entourage, all the other guests may also need to follow a certain attire requirement if the couple will be strict with the wedding theme. In the invites, it should be specifically stated what kind of dress code/theme that the invitees need to follow. The beach themed attire is a very popular theme with guests in thongs and shorts and general beach attire.

Birthday parties

For kids’ birthday parties, dress up themes bring a lot of fun. But this can be practiced even for teens and adults birthday parties. Dressing up like their favourite Hollywood actor, wearing  attire famous from a certain era or decade (80’s look or 60s’ attire) will surely encourage every guest to wear their best costumes in line with the set theme of the party.

Valentine parties

Even intimate parties such as Valentine parties can be themed. The most common theme used for this kind of event is masquerade theme party with which all guests will be dressed formally (long gowns and/or coat and tie) with everyone wearing specially crafted masks.

Indeed, dress up theme parties is not only fun but also an exciting way to make an event memorable.

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