9 things every wine drinker needs to see

9 things every wine drinker needs to see


So you or someone you know loves to indulge in a glass of wine or two? Here are some unique and fun things which might just be of interest to you… The wine drinkers here at Party Supplies Now love these… If you have a friend or family member that is crazy about wine let them know about these…


1) IF YOU can read this – NEW Wine novelty socks


love socks_thumb


2) The worlds best white wine sangria recipe 


white wine sangria recipe




3) The famous – Wine Bottle Glass


buy a wine bottle glass


4) [D.I.Y] – Make your own glitter wine glasses 


glitter wine glasses



5) High quality silicone wine glasses – The best invention ever! – MUST see


buy rubber wine glasses





6) Red wine sorbet - This tastes surprisingly awesome!


red wine sorbet


7)  Flashing Wine Glasses – Great fun way to enjoy your wine


flashing wine glasses


8) Magic rope wine bottle holder

magic wine bottle holder


9) Dark chocolate red wine cupcakes – We can’t get enough of these YUM!


red-wine-cupcakes for parties





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