5 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

5 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

Without a doubt, the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration. If you have taken the time to plan the perfect, unforgettable wedding, why not get some inspiration from these unique wedding cake ideas to create the perfect cake for special day?
The Naked Cake
We’re not sure how the idea for this unusual creation came about, but one thing is for sure…this is one memorable choice for a wedding cake! Call it a cake deconstructed, or the ideal choice for those who hate all that sickly sweet icing. By leaving the tasty insides of the cake exposed, your guests will know exactly what they are getting when they tuck in. Top tip: serve the naked cake with a wide cake server to keep the slices from falling apart when you serve your guests.
The Cupcake Cake
For those brides who want something whimsical and easy to serve, the cupcake wedding cake couldn’t be better. Individually decorated cupcakes arranged in the shape of a traditional wedding  cake looks playful and makes for easy, even distribution of the cake to your guests. If you’re worried that the cakes won’t look ‘special’ enough, you can use pretty accessories such as decorated cupcake papers or wrap each cupcake in tissue paper for an extra special twist. A pretty cupcake stand helps make your ‘cake’ really look special, too.
The Chandelier Cake
These amazing cakes play two roles in your wedding celebrations; they are a delicious tradition combined with a unique centrepiece for your table. Some are simple, some are super extravagant, but every one looks amazing simply because they appear to defy gravity. The secret to these fun cakes is a specially designed cake stand that holds the cake suspended in midair. For an even more dramatic look (as if an upside down wedding cake could get any more dramatic!) use our crystal strands to add elegance and opulence.
The Bling Cake
Bling is big, and even if you can’t afford an extravagant wedding, you can still afford a blinded out wedding cake. The addition of edible glitter and sparkly decorations can really make your cake stand out. Try using mini diamond crystals on or around the cake to catch your guests’ eyes and make a great impression.
Illuminated Cakes
If you have a flair for the dramatic, you can use lighting as a part of your wedding cake design. No need to hire someone to make an illuminated cake, especially if you are the creative type. Try using tea lights or other small candles in clear glass votives, or use battery powered string lights to light up your cake. Our Fairy Berries would make adorable lighting accessories for any cake, too. These look amazing at night and are sure to impress everyone who sees them.

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