Who Else Wants To Know How to make 17 Delicious Party Appetizers

Who Else Wants To Know How to make 17 Delicious Party Appetizers

These party appetizers will surely wow your party guests. Remember, party appetizers are very handy and useful for spicing up your party event.

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Here are some 17 cool party appetizers…Check them out:

1. Blue cheese chorine with Balsamic-roasted grapes blue-cheese-crostini-balsamic-roasted-grapes-m This recipe is best kept in your pocket. This recipe should be used as your go-to for last-minute Company. The grapes can also be served with chicken or pork in lieu of sauce. Better still, toss them in salads.

2. Mustard-Dill Tortellini Salad Skewers mustard-dill-tortellini-salad-skewers-m (1)

If you are running out of time or you simply don’t have enough time, simply toss the ingredients together in a nice looking bowl and set out some forks. Festive party pick-ups get a good quick start with refrigerated cheese tortellini.

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3. Warm Turnip Green Dip turnip-green-dip-m In the south, it’s usually a tradition to have a lot of greens. It’s best if you can offer your guests several breads to choose from on the side.

4. Mini Crab Cakes mini-crab-cakes-m

Very useful as a party appetizer: garlic-chive sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice, add zesty flavor to the mini crab cakes.


5. Spicy white cheese Dip spicy-white-cheese-dip-m

Spicy White Cheese Dip is usually made from scratch dip. It gets kicked from canned diced tomatoes and green chilies.

6. Lemon-Basil Antipasto lemon-antipasto-m The process of arranging and serving lemon-basil antipasto is very easy, beautiful and fun to eat. You should properly place the ingredients on the plastic, and then cover it with damp paper towels and plastic wrap. It is advisable you refrigerate it for four hours. Ensure that uncover, sprinkle it with olive oil and lemon juice and basil, salt and pepper before your guests start arriving.

7. Green Goddess Dipping Sauce

green-goddess-dipping-sauce-m This is a creamy sauce with plenty of herb flavor. The sauce is very easy to make in the food processor so, there is no really need to chop. Go ahead and serve it with boiled veggies or shrimp.

8. Pinchos pinchos-appetizers-m The people from Spain really love these tiny nibbles known as pinchos. Simply skewer any two items on a pick; you should serve a colorful assortment on a tray. Check out our pinchos combination You can try our own combination or experiment with some of your own ideas: ½ pickled okra + one piece of country ham. ½ small fresh mozzarella ball + rolled-up roasted bell pepper strip. 1 boiled medium-size shrimp + quartered marinated artichoke heart. Small gherkin pickle + cube of salami Dried mission fig quarter + cube of fontina cheese.

9. Quick winter pickled veggies winter-pickled-veggies-m You should remember to make extra of this recipe for your guests to take home. Sure, pickles seem summary, It is best served alongside Deviled Ham or simply add your favorite martini.

mini taco party cup cakes

10. Mini Taco cupcakes – These mini taco’s are guaranteed to be a hit.. An easy treat to make a perfect to share around


11. Pizza Joes – These make a great ” burger slider ” finger food style of food…


12. Mini Lasagne’s - These thing rock when it comes to appetizers…  Very easy to make and everyone loves them


Ricotta and Basil Tartlets

13. Ricotta and basil tartlets – A fancy looking finger food that is actually pretty simple to make and great for sharing at any party


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blue cheese chicken party treats

14. Blue Cheese Stuffed chicken bites – Another popular dish.. Share these around at any time of your event….

15. Tiny Tomato Tarts Tiny tarts will surely be a hit at your party with the flavor of a traditional tomato pie.

16. Party-perfect Meatballs Prepare meatball quite ahead, freeze in-zip-top plastic freezer bags for a period of one month, then reheat from frozen and warm the meatball over a low heat in the sauce. During serving, ensure they are kept warm in your slow cooker or in a fondue pot.

17. Cheesy Rings are a great ideas also…..    You could even try with Strawberry Preserves This appetizer should be used as a go-to crowd pleaser. The cheese ring should go with sweet strawberry preservers that honestly pair perfectly with the sharp cheddar cheese. Ensure you make our blog your favorite blog. More DIY recipes and party appetizers are on the way.

Thanks for reading.

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